Sparring Partner for the
Next Big Thing ?

Decision Support with Lateral Thinking

When everybody around you is telling you something will be the next big thing, a multi-disciplinary second opinion can help avoid costly mistakes. Take the solar EV concept, for example. People think it's a great idea but that's because they don't do the math. Numbers about annual hours of sunshine don't apply to cars the way they do to buildings — cars are regularly parked under trees, in the shade and in garages. Even in direct sunlight, a car just doesn't have enough surface area to capture ample solar energy for a meaningful charge. Hey, your EV car battery is eight times the energy sink that your whole house is! And your house has a much bigger roof! Fact: just one minute attached to a Supercharger tops-up a solar EV more than a whole day in the sun ever will. So why bother?

The Theranos effect sees otherwise-smart people believing in a concept because all the others believe — so it must be true ! Who's going to tell you otherwise?

Well, we will…

Beat the Theranos Effect

eurybia specialises in short-term assignments that provide quick and tangible results to maximise ROI. Ideal for a second-opinion during the requirements drafting stage of a project. Perfect when an investment or sale is at the outline stage and there's still room for change. We'll challenge your thinking, ask some tough questions and help you get to the core of the real issues.

Our services include:

  • Interim Management (General, Sales or Technical)
  • Technology viability assessments
  • Contract Negotiation as a Service
  • Account Management as a Service
  • Compensation Plan creation for Sales Professionals
  • Business/Marketing Plan Appraisals

Proven Expertise

Driving force behind eurybia is Phil McGee, an entrepreneur with over 30 years of executive-level experience in sales and general management in the technology sector. He held 3 different Vice President positions at NXP Semiconductors and has also held senior roles at Cadence Design Systems, i2 Technologies and Royal Philips. With $2B in combined revenue to his credit and having consistently driven 30% CAGR over the years, you can safely assume he earned his stripes.

What makes Phil rather unique as an advisor is a highly-unusual blend of technical and business acumen coupled with a lightning-quick analytical mind. Combine that with unrelenting curiosity and a healthy irreverence for commonly-held beliefs/structures and you have an ideal sparring partner for co-validating new technological and business ideas.

With both Bachelor and Master degrees in Electronic Engineering and several patents to his name, Phil's other job is as CEO & Founder of — a full-service development bureau for Smart Home 'Skills' for Amazon's Alexa voice assistant. This hands-on role keeps him engaged in direct engineering so he stays abreast of upcoming Next Big Things.

Drop him a line…


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